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Free WiFi Will Provide By China

China will provide free WiFi to the world!!

An Internet Technology Company in China plans to launch a new satellite to provide free WiFi services worldwide. The company, LinkShare Network, has undertaken 272 satellite throwing projects.

The project was unveiled on Tuesday to spur Google and SpaceX, the world's technology giant. The Chinese company will provide free WiFi internet throughout the world by 2026, with these satellites. China's state-controlled China Daily reported this on Thursday.

With the aim of providing free internet mobile services,LinkShare network was established in 2013.The company said they will send the satellite to the space next year. It will be sent to China's northern provincial Gansu Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.Apart from this, the company has plans to send 10 more satellites in 2020.The Satellite amount will stand 272 between 2016. According to China Daily, if you want to use the Internet, you will need to login to the internet service provider through mobile phones. This facility can be taken anywhere in the world.

This network can also be found in areas where telecom companies have not been able to reach their network.Wang Xingian, chief executive of Linkshare's network, said that our organization has invested 43.14 million US dollars (300 million yuan) in this plan. The woman said, "We have taken up the project thinking about the era of future technology.

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