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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price,Overall Review and Full Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Samsung's Product Planning Division Director Susan de Silva was present on 23rd August in New York's Samsung Galaxy Unpack. Samsung has made note 8 open on the occasion.It's Price $930 in US market.Samsung authority say that Note 8 Smartphone is prominent as well as enhanced S Pen.
It is the Samsung's large-scale phone 'phablet' note 8.In last year Samsung release Note 7 and they have faced some problems but now they trying to overcome in Note 8.
In this phone they used Qualcomm built OctaOn Snapdragon 835 processor and  6 GB LPDDR and 4 RAM.Journalists are looking at Note 8 as the rival of Apple.
They claims that this phone have official security features and overcome any other problem they faced in past.

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