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Apple Watch Series 4 Review,Price,Colors and Full Specifications

Apple Watch Series 4 release date, price & specs

The Apple Watch Series 4 was unveiled at the company's 12 Sept iPhone XS launch event and is now available to buy. It's been substantially redesigned, upgraded internally, and equipped with a range of new health and fitness features.
In this article we've got everything you need to know about the new Apple Watch for 2018: its release date, price, specs, design and new features.

Apple Watch 4 release date

The Series 4 was announced on 12 Sept 2018. It went on sale on 21 Sept.The Series 4 starts at £399/$399 (with GPS) or £499/$499 (with cellular).There are different colors like:
1.AluminiumNike Sport Band£399/$399£429/$429£499/$499£529/$529
2.AluminiumNike Sport Loop£399/$399£429/$429£499/$499£529/$529
3.AluminiumSport Band£399/$399£429/$429£499/$499£529/$529
4.SteelSport Bandn/an/a£699/$699£749/$749
5.SteelMilanese Loopn/an/a£799/$799£849/$849
6.SteelHermes Leather Singlen/an/a£1,249/$1,249£1,299/$1,299
7.SteelHermes Leather Rallyen/an/an/a£1,399/$1,399
8.SteelHermes Leather Deployment Bucklen/an/an/a£1,499/$1,499


Apple kept the same design for three generations in a row (aside from some minor cosmetic tweaks, such as a new material and colour options, and a red spot on the cellular model). We were therefore expecting a major redesign for the Series 4 - and we got precisely that.

Larger screen

The most obvious change is the inclusion of screens which are more than 30% larger. They're now 40mm and 44mm (up from 38mm and 42mm).
Apple has achieved this by reducing the size of the bezels around the edge. The screen also has curved corners, fitting more closely to the shape of the face.
The new watches are slimmer than the Series 3, which means that despite the larger screens they have less volume than their predecessors.
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