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Apple Watch Series 3 Review,Price,Buy,Colors and Full Specification

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch 3 (or Apple Watch Series 3 if you're being particular) isn't just an evolution of the Watch 2... it's a direct replacement that came curiously early, as Apple kept momentum for its wearable line.
The Watch 3 is available in two forms – one with cellular connectivity onboard, and one with just GPS. For both, there's a new chipset inside, as well as some key new features on offer here.

Review at a glance

The biggest thing about this new Apple Watch is that it’s got its own cellular connection inside, so it can work independently of your phone.
You can buy one without owning an iPhone. In reality it means that you can receive phone calls and some app notifications when your phone is at home, but otherwise it’s totally dependent on your handset.
In terms of notifications, if the app you want to use hasn't been upgraded to work in 'standalone mode' (as in, doesn't need a phone connection to function) then you won’t get updates and notifications even if the LTE connection is enabled.

All models of the Apple Watch 3 remain water-resistant to 50m and will happily survive a dunk in salt water, too. The new model uses the same charming water-ejection method as the Series 2, where it will play a specific tone to eject water from the speaker.
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