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Mi 8 Price,Review,Buy,Features and Specifications

The 2018 Xiaomi Flagship

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Today we discuss about Mi 8.!!So,let's start...

First of all,Mi is the first ever smart phone equipped with dual-frequency GPS.By using both L1 and L5 signals in coordination,accuracy is improved to unprecedented  levels.(In the case of original GPS design,two frequencies are utilized,one at 1575.42 MHz called L1;and second 1227.60 MHz called L2.Two PRN ringing codes are transmitted on L5 in quadrature.The code is 10,230 bits long,transmitted at 10.23 MHz,its called L5).If you want to learn more,start here

Mi 8,www.usn-it.com

Secondly,its have ultra-thin four-sided curved body.Lightweight and curved on all four sides,amazing hand feel.The frame of this phone was made by aluminum and its 7000 series.

Its a brilliant full screen display measures 6.21"(diagonal).It is really amazing for new buyers.Mi 8 have 60000:1 high contrast,DCI-P3 wide color gamut,86.68% screen to body ratio and 18.7:9(2248x1080)resolution.

Its time to know about the back camera of Mi 8.Al dual camera with optical zoom.We are so excited about that Mi author called their back camera as a SLR.This camera come from SONY and its SONY IMX363.In next,its 4 axis optical stabilization,1.4µm large pixel,dual pixel auto focus,dual camera for portraits.12+12Mp dual camera and hardware multi frame noise reduction.
In the front camera have powerful analytic capabilities couple with 1.8µm large pixel.Also 3D Beautify blur backgrounds for stunning portraits.Mi author upgraded this feature to blur backgrounds with a single camera.Its as if each shot is taken in front of a studio canvas.3D beautify have more features and shows real time preview.

The obvious argument in its favour is that the snapdragon845 is another leap forward in performance from Qualcomm.Whether you are switching between multiple apps or battling the enemy in an intense game,this processor is an indispensable tool.
Mi author dramatically creates a new tech.Its called world's first pressure sensitive in-screen fingerprint sensor.A highly sensitive pressure sensor that improves the rate of fingerprint recognition.When unlocking,it also vibrates the finger to complete the unlocking experience.

  • 6GB+128GB for Mi 8
  • 8GB+128GB for Mi 8 Explore Edition
To sum up,it also play 4k video,IR face unlock(Mi8),3D structured-light face unlock(Mi 8 explore edition)
You can buy from Amazon.

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